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Using Janes to explore orders of battle


Janes increases your awareness of the operational environment by providing open-source intelligence that supports threat and capability assessments, event analysis, change detection, and equipment recognition. The interconnectivity of Janes data delivers unique insights and reveals previously hidden connections, bringing both visibility and accessibility to help you deliver a more robust intelligence product.

The case study that follows demonstrates how the connections between Janes data and insight across equipment and military capabilities enable you to quickly and easily explore the order of battle for a particular unit, installation, or country. 

View more than 9,200 installations as a geospatial layer

Using the Janes geospatial bases layer, you can quickly gain an insight into the capabilities of military bases across the globe. The example below explores the Levashovo air base outside St. Petersburg.

Explore military units and their position in the military administrative hierarchy

Continuing to use the example of units based at Levashovo, Janes delivers insight into all related news, equipment, operating bases, and family trees associated with the 33rd Mixed Transport Aviation Regiment.

The connectivity of this content means you can quickly understand where your chosen unit sits within the overall organisational structure of the Russian military. 

Quickly understand the capabilities of your chosen base

The connections between Janes military capabilities and equipment data enable you to quickly understand the capabilities of the equipment located at your chosen installation. 

Detailed insight into military equipment to support entity recognition and capability assessment

With more than 41,000 profiles, Janes offers the only single resource for comprehensive, unclassified, and up-to-date intelligence on military equipment (air, sea, land, and space) in production and in use around the globe. Janes delivers insight into platform families and variants, with verified and validated data on specifications, weapons and systems, inventories, images, and related news and analysis. 

Using a combination of Janes content, quickly and easily explore the order of battle for a particular unit, installation, or country.

  • Insight into the military units located at your chosen base.
  • Understand where your chosen unit fits within the country’s overall military structure.
  • Technical specification and capability data for equipment operated out of your chosen base.