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Supporting our partners

Partnering with leading global technology companies, systems integrators and value-added resellers, we’re able to support the changing needs of the defence and intelligence community.

Enhancing your solutions, supporting our customers

Working alongside you, we supply trusted OSINT that provides a true intelligence advantage by enabling the integration and normalisation of disparate data sources within customer systems and platforms.


Whatever platform you create, we supply the data, connections, and structure to support your customers’ analysis and intelligence.


Integrating seamlessly into battle management systems, we enhance and enrich the intelligence at commanders’ disposal to inform critical decisions.


As a fusion engine, we normalise both structured and unstructured data holdings to connect and enrich complementary data.

Deliver better outcomes

In tandem with our partners, we deliver structured, organised OSINT via a technology-agnostic data model that integrates into multiple systems and platforms. Partner with us and support your customers with:

  • Orders of battle for every global military
  • Details of 85,000 pieces of military equipment
  • 28,000 geolocated military installations from early-warning sites to nuclear facilities
  • 800,000 events linked to key foundational datasets
  • PMESII reports for 197 countries
  • Full programmes and forecasts for defence markets
  • Risk profiles for thousands of Russian and Chinese businesses and over 25,000 global transactions
Janes - what we do - technology partners

The world's most comprehensive military OSINT knowledge base

The Janes data model is the world's most comprehensive and complete open-source military knowledge base, allowing you to leverage key data in an instant through:

  • Standardised, consistent data identification
  • Expert, well-defined models to connect concepts across environments
  • Ease of access to allow for quick, efficient data analysis

Working with you to support our customers' missions

The support you provide is critical. The data insight we provide is crucial. Integrate Janes services into multiple tools, such as:

  • Battle management systems that inform critical decisions
  • COTS GIS systems to streamline the creation of a common operational picture (COP)
  • Imagery tools and platforms to add crucial context to structured observation management (SOM)
  • Supply chain tools to support blue force resilience or red force supply chain disruption
  • Compliance tools to increase understanding around dual-use military goods

What we do