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OSINT expertise at your fingertips

With decades of expertise backed by technology-enhanced tradecraft, get the intelligence you can trust – and use – from the people you trust.

Introducing your OSINT force multiplier

With deep subject matter expertise, global experience, and the latest technology, Janes OSINT analysts act as a trusted extension of your team to expand your focus across developing, fast-moving situations.


Our analyst community comprises experts from over 50 countries, speaking over 40 languages, with a deep understanding of military capability, geopolitics, countries, and culture.


With impartiality, we review every single source for reliability, bias, objectivity, and level of certainty to deliver assured intelligence data, using tradecraft methods consistent with your own.


Backed by human-machine teaming, efficient tooling, and structured governance, we classify and interconnect the data you need, tracing it back to source and delivering trusted OSINT at speed and scale.

Emily Harding - Our Expertise

Where do you go for the history of warfare? Janes. Where do you go for the future? Also Janes.

Coverage across the entire intelligence cycle

  • Planning: We prioritise and tier research to speed up data gathering.
  • Collection: Combining automation and human collection, we use all-source OSINT tradecraft.
  • Processing: Once gathered, we use efficient tooling and structured governance to verify, classify, and interconnect data to an assured data model for easier analysis.
  • Analysis: With expert-led modelling we build data to fill gaps and provide ICD203-aligned forward-looking assessments and analysis.
  • Dissemination: Whatever your use case, we use integrable APIs, online platforms, offline FTP, and personal briefings to supply the information you need.

What we do