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The trusted source for foundational military OSINT

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For open-source defence intelligence, no one anywhere in the world is as trusted or as recommended as Janes. With the most complete foundational military data sets, compiled by 500,000+ analyst hours every year, we provide accurate, current data for any environment or system.

OSINT delivered with honesty, commitment, and integrity

For militaries, for governments, for global defence, we're the most trusted source of OSINT data and analysis.

In a world increasingly flooded with unreliable information, we use technology-enhanced tradecraft and human ingenuity and expertise to provide something indispensable: Assurance.

When the world's leading intelligence, military, and defence industry analysts need OSINT that's actionable, global, and shareable, they choose Janes.

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Supporting you with mission-critical insights

We unlock siloes and integrate into your existing system. We provide 100 million connections across assured data points to integrate, enrich, and contextualise data from multiple sources.

  • Military capabilities and orders of battle
  • Events and country intelligence
  • Equipment
  • Defence markets, programmes, and forecasts

The end result? Verified mission-critical data.

Make a difference to the world

Every member of our team is committed to meaningfully contributing to the business and making a difference to the world. Time you took your career to the next level?

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Company Updates

Improved global security begins with trusted intelligence

Access the world's most complete foundational military data asset and integrate 100 million connections across defence and security data points into your high- and low-side environments and systems.