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An exploration of the Buk-M3 using Janes Intara

Janes Intara enables rapid integration of Janes assured open-source intelligence into existing systems of record, providing analysts with the most complete and accurate insights. 

Our API-accessible knowledge graph interconnects entities, such as events, equipment, installations, military groups, and companies, that have been verified and validated using Janes assured tradecraft, all of which can be queried based on their relationship to each other.

Taking a sighting of the deployment of at least one battery of Buk-M3 at Bakhchysarai in January 2022, this demonstration shows how Janes Intara enables you to move through Janes assured open-source intelligence from an event to understand the military units involved and their place in the military hierarchy, their home installations, the capabilities of the equipment they operate and the manufacturers of that equipment in a single intelligence environment.

Find out how Janes Intara can increase certainty and deliver decision advantage to all those in your organisation.