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Serving industry

Get an in-depth understanding of today’s markets and tomorrow’s needs with unrivalled insight across equipment, organisations, and markets.

Global oversight, unique insight

Whether you're assessing the market and competitors or examining your supply chains and forecasting future orders of battle, empower your team with key data to drive clear decisions.


Make use of key data sets, forecasts, budgets, and more to analyse the global defence markets.


Discover more about companies, customers and capabilities with deep insights into the defence industry.


Understand current and future capabilities and platforms with interconnected equipment intelligence.

The world's most comprehensive decision support solution

With first-time analysis, there's no need for second guessing. Access interconnected data, insights, programmes, and inventories to deepen your understanding of:

  • Customer requirements and available revenue
  • Competitor strengths, weaknesses, and differentiators
  • Organisational structures, capabilities, and forecast revenue
  • Trends in equipment technology and future military capabilities
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Serving the Defence Industry

Focus your team's expertise

Choose where to devote your time and resources with data gathering and validation you can trust. Focus on critical analysis and key decisions by making use of our intelligence, including:

  • Insights into expected requirements drawn from inventory details, R&D investments, and political issues
  • Interconnected market, forecast, and company data to reveal industry trends
  • Accurate equipment and compatibility data for unique insights

Intelligence spanning companies and continents

Navigate opportunity and risk as you understand current and future capabilities. Stay on top of developing situations with:

  • Data to support short- to long-term objectives
  • Relevant information pulled from equipment specs, revenue forecasts, global inventories, and the latest news
  • Interconnected, verified data that reveals hidden connections and fresh opportunities
Serving the Defence Industry

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