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Assess your operational effectiveness

Add an extra layer of foundational military data and insights to your assessments to enrich your analysis.

Enhance your operations with trustworthy data sets


Access foundational data that is verified and validated by experts, using a rigorous tradecraft process, to deliver military OSINT that you can trust.

More complete

Discover relationships and deepen analysis with over 100 million validated connections between defence and security data points.


Remove the challenges of sharing classified intelligence and make it easier to collaborate with allies across departments, agencies, and countries.

Uncover the global threat landscape

Enhance your own analysis of the strengths, dispositions, and capabilities of actual and potential adversaries and allies by adding essential context to your briefings with:

  • In-depth equipment inventories including platforms, manufacturers, numbers in service, and assets ordered and delivered
  • Full orders of battle covering installations, units, platforms, weaponry, and support systems
  • Verified OSINT for global land, sea, and air platforms, weaponry, and support systems
Janes Access Effectiveness of Operations

Understand regional situations as they develop

With events data, stability indicators, and country reports delivered in a PMESII framework, you'll enhance your operational understanding of:

  • Patterns in non-state armed group activity across borders and regions
  • How economic engagement is increasing influence and power projection
  • The correlations between armed group activity and military coups
  • Projected military capabilities and current defence spending priorities

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