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Using Janes Intara to build a common intelligence picture: Russian build up on the Ukrainian border

With the rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia in late 2021 and early 2022, leading to a high level of build-up of Russian forces along the Ukrainian border, Janes created a common operating picture to monitor deployments and activities using Janes assured open-source intelligence within Janes Intara, our API-accessible knowledge graph.

Janes delivers persistent monitoring of Russian troop and equipment sightings, leverages Janes assured equipment and military unit data to offer an in-depth view of military activity. The ability to integrate your own and third-party data with Janes assured open-source intelligence using Janes Intara ensures that analysts can utilize all relevant and available OSINT or classified sources, with each source enriching the others. This ability to form a uniquely comprehensive foundational intelligence picture results in faster and more insightful analysis for decision makers and operators.