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The Janes OSINT podcast takes the debate on the ever-increasing role of open-source intelligence to new levels.

38 Min | 16 July 2024

The High North - important or overlooked?

In this podcast James Rands, senior Balkans and military capabilities analyst at Janes, joins Harry Kemsley and Sean Corbett to provide a deeper understanding of the High North, Arctic region.

With climate change likely to expose a northern sea route in the next decade or so and the potential abundance of natural resources, many countries will want to stake claim on this previously impenetrable region. Rands highlights the military capabilities required to operate in this challenging environment.

They also discuss the important role open-source intelligence plays in providing early-warning indicators of activity and any escalation in tensions in what is likely to become a key global strategic area.

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Harry Kemsley
President of Government & National Security, Janes
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