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Gain a ​​​​​​complete view of the global threat environment

Investigate the threats, capabilities, and stability of actors around the world to quickly understand your operating environment.

Validated data to boost your situational understanding


Access foundational data that is verified and validated by experts, using a rigorous tradecraft process, to deliver military OSINT that you can trust.


Discover relationships and deepen analysis with over 100 million validated connections between defence and security data points.


Deploy Janes comprehensive data sets across every platform, with technology-agnostic interoperability that augments your existing intelligence.

Maintain your intelligence advantage

Situations evolve quickly. Equip your mission users with foundational OSINT to enhance assessments and situation reports with:

  • 197 country-focused PMESII intelligence reports
  • 800,000 events tracked and stability indicators for over 187 countries for complete analysis of patterns, trends and potential flashpoints
  • 25,000 global transactions and thousands of risk profiles to understand Chinese and Russian geoeconomic influence
Janes - PMESII - Country - Stability - Events

Support a common intelligence picture

Accelerate your data discovery by finding the relationships between key data points with OSINT that interconnects:

  • Over 85,000 pieces of military equipment, linked to associated platforms, weapons and subsystems, specifications, and manufacturers
  • 33,000 military units - with base locations, equipment, and organisational structures
  • 28,000 geolocated military installations, including early warning, SAM, and ballistic missile sites, and nuclear facilities

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