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Serving the defence community

Protecting national interests and deterring aggression depends on readiness. The sort of readiness that only comes from providing warfighters with intelligence they can rely on.

Build the intelligence foundations of any defence mission

Accurate intelligence is the foundation of any successful mission in an ever-changing world. With interconnected data and near real-time current intelligence, your analysts can explore military capabilities and equipment, and quickly access PMESII reports for over 190 countries.


Access foundational data that is verified and validated by experts, using a rigorous tradecraft process, to deliver military OSINT that you can trust.


Available via integrable APIs, online platforms, or offline FTP, access accurate OSINT within your chosen environment.


Remove the challenges of sharing classified intelligence and make it easier to collaborate with allies across departments, agencies, and countries.

AVM Sean Corbett

I have been an avid user of Janes for a very long time, and witnessed the evolution from tomes to a comprehensive AI driven capability that brings everything from data points to finished intelligence to the user's fingertips in a fully integrated way.

Support every mission with assured OSINT

With the largest collection of trusted open-source defence and security intelligence easily accessible through your existing systems, you'll find a world of verified OSINT at your fingertips, allowing you to:

  • Instantly access a foundation of up-to-date military intelligence
  • Be aware of changes in regional or state stability with PMESII country reports
  • Support your wargames, models, and simulations with accurate global order of battle and equipment data
  • Understand current and future military capabilities, forecast changes, and analyse budget data
Human in the loop focus

Augment your analysis team

With Janes acting as a trusted extension of your team, you'll be free to expand your focus across fast-moving situations and prioritise crucial tasks. All the time, trusting our foundational support built on:

  • Expertise in conventional and non-conventional warfare and the operation of a wide range of global military equipment
  • Over 2,900 combined years of service in the defence and security sector
  • A knowledge of over 40 languages, delivered by experts in 50+ countries

Mission-critical data on-hand, when you need it

Accurate intelligence doesn't just give you an edge, it gives you operational certainty. Ensure a real advantage with:

  • Simple, secure integrations into your existing systems
  • Foundational intelligence with 100 million connections across assured data points
  • Enhanced decision support driven by smooth integration and contextualisation of multiple sources
Janes Intara White

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