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Serving the intelligence community

Give your mission users rapid access to verified critical intelligence so they can prepare in-depth analysis, pre-empt threats, and protect national security.

Filter out the noise and focus on what really counts

Your analysts are flooded with data. With every data point verified and validated by our global OSINT analysts, you'll give them the context to create interconnected, integrated, useful analysis.


Access foundational data that is verified and validated by experts, using a rigorous tradecraft aligned to ICD203, to deliver military OSINT that you can trust.


Discover relationships and deepen analysis with over 100 million validated connections between defence and security data points.


Deploy Janes comprehensive data sets across every platform, with technology-agnostic interoperability that augments your existing intelligence.

Terry Busch

Janes is the industry standard for OSINT. It’s where the intelligence community goes for comprehensive OSINT understanding of all our foundational intelligence.

Intelligence you can trust in a fast-moving world

No matter where your attention needs to be, trust our accessible, verified defence intelligence to enrich, interconnect, and integrate multiple data sources into a single intelligence environment. One that encompasses:

  • Global threats and capabilities
  • Changes in state stability
  • Geoeconomic influence and power projection
  • Terrorist and organised crime activities around the world
  • Up-to-date country reports within an accessible PMESII framework
Janes - PMESII - Country - Stability - Events
Human in the loop focus

Your intelligence force multiplier

As your analysts shift their focus, trust our deep subject matter expertise to provide assured OSINT at speed and scale to provide a solid grounding for your analysis. Benefit from:

  • Global experience in conventional and non-conventional warfare
  • First-hand experience of NATO and non-NATO military equipment
  • Local knowledge of 50+ countries
  • Fluency in 40+ languages
  • A comprehensive OSINT tradecraft consistent with your own

The data you need, when you need it 

Crucial data is hard to find. Disconnected, siloed, and incomplete, it’s hard to piece together the big picture. We find that information, validate it, interconnect it, and provide it in a way that integrates with your tools and platforms to:

  • Normalise your own or third-party structured and unstructured data holdings.
  • Enable a single intelligence environment.
  • Enhance discoverability and reveal previously hidden connections.
Janes Intara Integration

What we do

Improving global security begins with trusted intelligence

Access the world's most complete foundational military data asset and integrate 100 million connections across defence and security data points into your high- and low-side environments and systems.