Understanding China's missile landscape

Janes delivers market leading insight into the most topical issues surrounding global defence affairs, defence industry movements, and equipment intelligence. The following video demonstrates how Janes capabilities can help you understand China’s missile development landscape in the context of its 14th five-year plan utilising insight from across military and security, industry, companies and equipment.

China's 14th five-year plan 

A recent China in focus intelligence series provided insight into China’s defence industry and technology base in the context of China’s 14th five-year plan.

Topics included China’s anti access/area denial strategy, intended to enable the restriction of any adversary movement in its claimed territory, with a focus on weapon development including hypersonic, long-range anti-ship and missile defence systems.


The restructuring of China’s industrial base was also analysed, along with ongoing plans to close its technological gaps to enable Beijing to fulfil its strategic aims.


We also looked into the core missile technologies that China were prioritising, including microelectronics, optoelectronics, hypersonic, electromagnetic, directed energy, artificial intelligence, as well as advanced materials and manufacturing techniques. 


Identifying Chinese missile programmes 

Janes defence industry intelligence capabilities will enable you to identify future Chinese missile programmes and contract opportunities yet to be announced. Verified forecasting data will allow you to access a 10-year bottom-up profile of China’s contracted missile programmes, by value and compound annual growth rate.


Diving deeper into these programmes, you can also narrow down this data by market segment and system type for a more granular assessment of forecasted spend.

A look into one of China's key missile suppliers

How spending potentially impacts on China’s manufacturing base can be understood by connecting the programmes to their primary suppliers. Here we see that the missile market is largely dominated by state owned China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), making up more than USD $20 million worth of forecasted investment and accounting for over 25% of market share.


Utilising Janes company intelligence capability, you can identify forecasted market share from a global perspective, with a further breakdown into the values of these programmes against other global manufacturers also available.


Insight into Chinese missile technology

With more than 41,000 profiles, Janes offers the only single resource for comprehensive, unclassified and up-to-date intelligence on military equipment. Staying with CASIC, we deep dive into the DF-21D medium range anti-ship ballistic missile, where you can learn about its operational status, view a development timeline, as well as gain insight into its propulsion, payload and launcher type.


Utilising Janes equipment explorer tool, we can also take a closer look at specifications across DF-21 variants, including range, accuracy and its ordnance components. In addition, you are also able to view their current unit and base locations. 


You may also wish to perform a side by side comparison with another similar platform to further support your analysis and using the full breadth of Janes equipment metadata - here comparing China’s DF-21D with India’s Agni V.


Supporting your trusted research

Using a combination of Janes assured open-source intelligence enables you to intuitively understand the macro and micro-environments that could influence the capability landscape of a chosen country.

  • Insight and analysis into a nation's current affairs and military priorities
  • An understanding of forecasted defence programmes by end user country and market of interest  
  • Insight into global defence companies and their influence on market share and innovation 
  • Interconnected intelligence on the world's military equipment  


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Understanding China's missile landscape Janes | Global military and defence capability intelligence - Capability case study - understanding units and bases in Russia's Western Military District