Threat Assessment:

South China Sea

Janes increases your awareness of the operational environment by providing open-source intelligence that supports threat and capability assessments, event analysis, change detection and equipment recognition. The interconnectivity of Janes data delivers unique insights and reveals previously hidden connections, bringing both visibility and accessibility to help you deliver a more robust intelligence product.

The case study that follows demonstrates how Janes data can be quickly brought together to conduct a threat assessment of the Yulin-Yalongwan base in the South China Sea.  


Intelligence events keep you informed of matters of global risk and security.

Image of events data south china sea

Air defence layers give further insight into China's intentions in the area.

Image of south china sea air defence

The addition of the installations layer, Orders of Battle and equipment build a detailed picture of regional threats.

Image of south china sea base

Satellite imagery augmented by Janes expert insight and analysis adds further depth and richness.

DigitalGlobe imagery showing four Chinese Type 094 SSBNs at Yulin-Yalongwan Naval Base on Hainan Island. Two Type 093 SSNs are also present.


Image of south china sea imagery


Using a combination of  the geospatial layers you can build up an understanding of the activity surrounding the Yulin-Yalongwan naval base in the South China Sea.

  • Intelligence events enable you to understand events in the area around the Yulin-Yalongwan naval base that impact risk or security.
  • Air Defence geospatial layer delivers insight into the air defence installations surrounding the Yulin-Yalongwan naval base and their capabilities.
  • Installations and Orders of Battle, along with detailed equipment profiles enabled you to understand the Yulin-Yalongwan naval base and its capabilities.
  • Satellite imagery analysis that enabled identification of two Chinese Type 094 SSBNs are located at the base.


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Assessing threats in the South China Sea  Janes | South China Sea case study - Analysis of military forces and defence capabilities connected to the current freedom of navigation tensions in the South China Sea