Market Assessment: Examining the Submarine Market

The breadth, depth and connectivity of Janes data and insight enables us to provide you with unique insights into your customers. Gain a complete understanding of your customer's environment and market size. Examine past and current capability, existing risk that will drive requirement and identify opportunity ahead of announcement.

The quality and connectivity of Janes defence equipment, company, forecast and country intelligence enables you to build market assessments based on trusted data to enable better strategic positioning and investments. The case study that follows uses the submarine market as an example. 

Market analysis using derived opportunities

Derived opportunities represent Janes analysts’ anticipation of requirements prior to a customer’s announcement and without benefit of any other source. These estimates can be based on ageing inventory, R&D investments, compatibility requirements, defence market trends, buying patterns, technology drivers or geopolitical issues that may create a requirement that the customer may not foresee or acknowledge.

The example below shows the global derived opportunities by platform for attack and ballistic submarines. 

image of market forecast military ship by country


Deepen your understanding of the market

Following an examination of derived opportunities, you can view the awarded opportunities for your chosen market. This enables you to quickly view the top established platforms and manufacturers within your chosen market, the example below shows this insight for the attack and ballistic submarine markets. 

image of market forecast military ship by country


Image of programme value by platform military ship

Focus on a specific region

Covering more than 60 countries, Janes enables you to quickly gain an understanding of the market size of a specific country or region. The example below shows the attack and ballistic submarine market for Latin America by total programme value by country. Flexible charting tools enable you to re-orientate the chart to show the top platforms within the region. 

Image of markets forecast military ship by region and platform type


Insight into the competitive landscape

Gain insight into the key players within each of the 19 markets covered in Janes forecasts data. Quickly understand the total programme value by supplier, then drill down for a more granular view of the specific programmes linked to your chosen organisation. Data and charts can be downloaded to be added to your report. The example below shows the suppliers within the attack and ballistic submarine market in Latin America. 

Image of military ship markets forecast by supplier competitive intelligence


Extensive insight into the specifications and characteristics of competing platforms and equipment

Janes delivers market-leading data and insight into the technical specifications and characteristics of more than 41,000 pieces of military equipment. The example below shows the specifications and capabilities of submarines previously identified as tied to potential revenue available to industry in Latin America. 

Image of military ship platform comparison


Detailed insight into defence organisations and their capabilities

Janes brings you the very latest information on aerospace and defence organisations and what shapes their environment. View company structure, equipment category overviews, equipment lists and the latest news for your chosen organisation. The interconnectivity of Janes data and insight enables you to link directly through to detailed military equipment profiles and specifications as well as news content. The example below shows the Naval Group, identified as a supplier in the Latin American submarine market by Janes forecast data. 

Build a clearer, up-to-date picture with news and analysis

Janes news content delivers up-to-date, insight and analysis into developments in all areas of defence. 

Image of defence industry news market intelligence


Understand the budgetary environment

Janes defence budgets deliver a macro-level analysis of national defence spending across the globe. Providing a 20-year view of defence spending, Janes delivers critical insights into the current and future size, shape and capabilities of the world’s key military powers. You can easily gain an understanding of the budgetary environment and outlook, including addressable defence investment. Access detailed country level analysis or view data by country, region or treaty organisations using a detailed summary spreadsheet. 

Image of global defence budget analysis


Understand the status and appeal of 59 world defence markets

Janes Market Potential Index provides an assessment of the status and appeal of 59 of the world’s defence markets based on factors including defence investment; defence industrial capabilities; procurement procedures and protocols; trade mechanisms; embargo status; and political, economic and security considerations. Each market can be ranked against 36 ratings to enable you to understand whether your chosen country has a positive or negative appeal. 

Image of world defence markets potential


Trusted insight into market entry strategies

Janes market reports contain detailed insight and analysis into the defence markets of more than 90 countries. Analysis provides trusted insights into market entry strategies and requirements by country, procurement procedures and offsets. 

When you use Janes to support your market assessments you can be sure you are using data and analysis that has been subject to a rigorous methodology. Janes connected data and insights enable better strategic positioning and investments.

  • Global, regularly updated forecast data, created using a bottom-up methodology supports market analysis, market sizing and competitor assessments.
  • Extensive intelligence for more than 41,000 pieces of military equipment linked to associated platforms, weapons and subsystems enables you to understand the key specifications and capabilities of your competitors’ equipment.
  • Detailed insight into global aerospace and defence companies including structure and products provides deeper insights into competitors or potential partners.
  • Country intelligence including budget and market entry strategies support your market assessments. 


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