Assessing the forecasted defence spending of India 

Using Janes market forecast, budgets, equipment, programme and defence company intelligence, this case study demonstrates how you can assess the forecasted spend of India.

Market analysis using derived opportunities 

Janes leading forecast data allows you to identify future defence programmes and contract opportunities yet to be announced, as a barometer for future spending in India. Through unique bottom-up forecasting, we are able to find over USD $1.3 billion of derived opportunity for self-propelled artillery over the next ten years.

Understand the budgetary environment of India

At a country level you can gain an understanding of India’s current total defence budget by CAGR, activity and force, as a percentage of GDP and real growth percentage from the previous year. You can also gain further insight from Janes annual defence budgets report, which in 2020 identified Asia Pacific as the fasting growing region for spend up to 2025, with India and South Korea identified as the highest spend and growth opportunities outside China.


Identify key factors that will influence your chosen market

We now look to Janes industry and markets news and insight to gain a deeper understanding of India’s accelerated push for self-reliance in response to economic challenges stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic. In this example we are updated on India’s import ban on 101 defence products, while still emphasising the need for foreign expertise and underlying technologies through partnerships with Indian firms. 

Learn about programmes already under contract 

Next we turn to Janes defence programmes data to identify procurement programmes already committed to gain a clearer outlook on current and future activity. Here we identify a programme for the K9 self-propelled howitzer for the Indian Army that is designed by Hanwha but built under licence by Larsen & Toubro in India.  Learn about the programme value and key dates along with an analysis and revision timeline on how the programme materialised, including the contract announcement, trial progress, bidding activity and request for proposals.

Gain insight into key suppliers that operate in the market

Using Janes defence companies intelligence we dive deeper into Larsen & Toubro Limited, one of India’s biggest private sector defence companies and in position for several major contracts in India. Understand their financial performance, sector percentage of turnover and structure, along with their engineering and mergers and acquisitions activity. A forecasts dashboard also provides a 10-year profile of their contracted procurement programmes broken down by yearly value, markets and end user countries to further support your assessment of India’s forecasted spend.

Using a combination of Janes content you can build up an understanding of the macro and micro environments that could influence the success of your opportunities. 

  • Market analysis using derived opportunities 
  • Understanding the budgetary environment of a chosen country
  • Insight into factors that will influence the market  
  • Programmes already under contract
  • Insight into the key suppliers that operate in the market


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Assessing the forecasted spend of India Janes defence industry intelligence | Assessing the forecasted spend of India