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Janes cares about its people. It’s as if Janes is a person, not a company. It’s a great place to work - simple!

Emma Oakes, Head of Sales Operations
Emma is our head of Sales Operations who’s been with us since June 2020, and this is her story.

Emma OakesEmma has “[...] a team of five based in various global locations. At a  high level our aim is to enable sales to ensure an efficient quote-to-cash process, which can include a variety of tasks. The types of activities we are involved in range from scoping and project managing change to our CRM and driving business improvements, to creating order forms, working with legal to ensure accurate contracts are in place for our partners and customers, and to building reports. [...] On paper we are a well-established old organisation with the benefits that come with that, however as we carved out from a previous organisation in late 2019, we still feel like a start-up. You can make a difference here; nothing is set in stone.”

Emma’s two favourite values are ‘Give Joy’ and ‘Be Your Own CEO’. “I believe that we can all give joy in most of what we do. It's something that benefits everyone. Everyone at every level can engrain this in their day-to-day lives and jobs. The reason I love ‘Be Your Own CEO’ is because it really rings true at Janes. My experience of Janes is that we are not hierarchal, you can question and make suggestions and you will be listened to. Everyone wants to help everyone it doesn't matter about your title or grade. This value encourages people to consider their decisions and make choices. I think it's a great value and really helps drive our business.”

When asked about Janes’ contribution to her professional growth, she said “There are a few ways I learn and develop in my role. We have an internal system where we can complete courses on a number of subjects. I find this platform especially useful for learning or fine-tuning soft skills. The business supports me in attending workshops, seminars, and external trainings. My leadership regularly teaches and develops me. I have a very supportive manager and team. They push me to learn and encourage me to attend seminars and complete training courses. This role has in some ways changed the direction I want my career to follow, and Janes is supportive of this journey.” 

Apart from the amazing work Emma does at Janes hugely contributing to the company’s success, she is also a mother. “My work-life balance is heavily focused on being able to be the best I can be at work without having a negative impact on my children. When I started at Janes both my children were under six. Janes is the first organisation where I feel I have the trust and authority to make decisions on my time/diary. The ability to work hybrid has been a huge benefit for me. I am dedicated to Janes and work beyond my normal hours because I feel privileged to have the work-life balance I have.” 

“On a personal note, Janes has supported me beyond measure through cancer and allowed me to be a working mum without having to sacrifice my career. Janes cares about its people. It’s as if Janes is a person, not a company. It’s a great place to work - simple!” 

We love working here.
We think you will too.

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