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You really can craft an incredibly diverse and rewarding career whilst being supported by a cadre of effective managers.

Eleanor Keymer, Principal Analyst
Elle is one of our principal analysts and the head of Europe, Eurasia, and Africa Country Intelligence team who’s been with us since October 2005, and this is her story.

Eleanor KeymerWithin our wider Research Data and Analysis team, Elle and her team of 14 people spread across the UK and India are responsible for producing Country Intelligence (CI) reports on their regions of focus. The “[…] majority of my work is about collaborating with other team members or other teams. The areas of responsibility (AoR) within the Country Intelligence team cannot stand alone in a vacuum; geopolitics crosses borders and impacts every region across the world. In order to understand your own AoR, therefore, it is vital you talk to your colleagues working in other regions. As a result, my team will write analysis and collaborate on intelligence briefings with their CI counterparts and I will liaise with other regional heads to work out intelligence priorities and how we can expand our content set. I am particularly proud of editing and launching the first issue of Janes World Navies, building and enlarging the Military Capabilities team (before it was subsumed into Country Intelligence), the features I wrote about cyber security and, most recently, recruiting members for an impressive Europe, Eurasia and Africa Country Intelligence team who have built their PMESII content from scratch.”

“I think I've been extremely lucky to be a part of the Country Intelligence team build. As a result, I feel as though I've been able to play a key part in the development of the content, which has involved pitching big ideas and directing strategic engagement; all of which involves engaging fearlessly and encouraging feedback from the dynamic and brilliant Country Intelligence team.” 

Elle has trusted Janes with her career for over 18 years now and has achieved some amazing milestones. “I very much enjoy people management and my latest role has allowed me to work closely with my fantastic regional managers to recruit, train, and support an effective Africa, Europe, and Eurasia team. I continue to learn so much from my colleagues and look forward to further developing my managerial capabilities.” To name a few learning and development resources, “Janes has GoodHabitz and Rise training platforms, which allow me to pick and choose various training courses to suit my needs. Lunch and Learn sessions teach me more about aspects of the business I may be less familiar with, while the Janes mentorship programme connects you to high performers who are willing to share and advise. There are also the newly launched JED talks where colleagues share their technical and/or geopolitical knowledge. Also, as previously mentioned, all you have to do is go and ask the relevant colleague about their expertise and I guarantee you will learn some fascinating facts in a very short time.” 

Apart from growth opportunities, work-life balance has also been a key factor in Elle’s long tenure at Janes. “I have a young family and Janes has always offered me a great deal of flexibility so that I can manage both the family and work sides of my life.” 

“Janes is a company where, if you are engaged and passionate about your area of expertise and clearly display the Janes values, then you really can craft an incredibly diverse and rewarding career while being supported by a cadre of effective managers.”

We love working here.
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