Integrated defense Intelligence and National Security analysis

Integrate verified and validated defence intelligence into an existing system, platform or tool

An API-accessible knowledge graph, Janes Intara structures the relationships between foundation defence intelligence entities, such as orders of battle, military equipment inventories and defence procurement. It has been developed to be able to integrate and interconnect with other data sources, and unstructured text. As a result, Janes Intara is interoperable with a wide range of operational systems, platforms and tools, and can be integrated into existing internal intelligence platforms.

Trusted open-source defence intelligence

Creating trusted open-source defence intelligence has always been our focus. Janes foundational defence intelligence across military capabilities and orders of battle, military equipment, security events and defence markets is verified and validated applying our expert-driven tradecraft, developed over 120 years, to deliver the highest levels of assurance to our customers.

Janes Intara provides a common framework through the interconnection, contextualisation and integration of Janes assured foundational intelligence with third-party and internal data. As Janes Intara is platform agnostic it is easily accessible via any application, allowing all data relevant to the intelligence problem to be brought together in a single environment.

Integrating Janes Intara – Naval ISR and Integrated Naval Systems

Using Interconnected Intelligence to Track Troop Movements

Integrating Janes Intara into Esri's ArcGIS

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