Integrated Industry Intelligence accross countries, companies and equipment


Interconnected intelligence across countries, companies and equipment

The greater complex and interconnected world presents ever increasing threats and risks to governments, organisations and companies. This requires a sophisticated and comprehensive understanding of the defence and security environment. Whether you are navigating opportunities and risks, or looking to understand current or future military capability, Janes Intara enhances your understanding of the markets that are important to your short- or long-term objectives through the interconnection and contextualisation of millions of assured intelligence data points.

Janes Intara increases certainty and accelerates decision making for everyone in your organisation.

Janes assured, verified and comprehensive intelligence datasets - spanning commercial markets, defence budgets, forecasts, companies, military capabilities, equipment and events - are verified and validated using our human-centric tradecraft, with transparency and clarity of assumptions and methodologies, to deliver intelligence you can trust. Janes Intara provides a common framework through the interconnection, contextualisation and integration of Janes assured foundational intelligence with third party sources and your own data to deliver access to the defence and security intelligence you need to support your decision-making.

Easily accessible via a system of your choice

An API-accessible knowledge graph, Janes Intara structures the relationships between defence entities and provides capabilities for both integration and interconnection with other intelligence data sources, including unstructured text. As a result, Janes Intara is interoperable with a wide range of systems, platforms and tools, and can be integrated into your existing internal systems, delivering access to all information relevant to your question in a single environment.

Speed your data discovery

Janes Intara into Naval ISR and Integrated Naval Systems

Integrating Janes Intara into Esri's ArcGIS

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