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USAF approves KC-46A centerline drogue system to refuel US Navy, US Marine Corps aircraft
by Pat Host 21 Jul 2021
The US Air Force (USAF) has approved the Boeing KC-46A Pegasus aerial refuelling tanker's centerline drogue system (CDS) to refuel US Navy (USN) and US Marine Corps...
Germany halts P-3C upgrade
by Nicholas Fiorenza 23 Jun 2020
The German Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced in a press release on 17 June that the modernisation of the navy's P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) is being...
Bulgaria receives first two Su-25s upgraded and overhauled by Belarus
by Krasimir Grozev 25 Sep 2020
The Bulgarian Air Force (BuAF) took delivery of its first pair of Su-25 close air support aircraft that were overhauled and upgraded by and received a life extension...
Indonesia awaits ‘contract activation' for Rafale multirole fighters
by Ridzwan Rahmat 25 Jan 2022
The Indonesian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has moved ahead with a plan to procure Rafale multirole fighter aircraft from Dassault Aviation.
Third and fourth RAF Poseidon MRA Mk1 aircraft enter final stages of production
by Richard Fowler 24 Aug 2020
The third and fourth Poseidon MRA Mk1 maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) destined for the UK Royal Air Force (RAF) are in the final stages of production, the Defence...
MAKS 2019: RAC MiG unveils export version of MiG-35
by Dmitry Fediushko 10 Jun 2020
United Aircraft Corporation subsidiary Russian Aircraft Corporation (RAC) MiG has developed an export-oriented variant of its Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-35 multirole combat...
Italy to invest USD2.4 billion in Tempest programme
by Alessandra Giovanzanti 06 Aug 2021
Italy seeks to invest EUR2 billion (USD2.4 billion) in the Tempest programme under plans disclosed in the country's latest multiyear planning document (Documento...
Iraq silent on JF-17 order
by Jeremy Binnie 29 Sep 2021
There have been no corroborating reports of a Pakistani claim that Iraq has ordered JF-17 multirole combat aircraft.
MAKS 2019: Russia unveils export variant of Su-57
by Rahul Udoshi 10 Jun 2020
Rostec’s Rosoboronexport unveiled the Su-57E, an export variant of its only fifth-generation fighter aircraft, at the 2019 MAKS international airshow being held in...
Army 2020: Latest Russian Tu-95 variant prototype flies for the first time
by Nigel Torp Petersen 25 Aug 2020
Russia’s Tu-95MSM prototype, the latest variant of the Russian strategic missile carrying turboprop bomber, flew for the first time on 22 August from the Taganrog...
RAAF receives last batch of F-35A Joint Strike Fighters for 2021
by Alessandra Giovanzanti 23 Nov 2021
The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has received the last three new Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters scheduled for delivery in 2021, bringing...
Taiwan receives first-production T-5 advanced trainer
by Alessandra Giovanzanti 30 Nov 2021
On 28 November the Republic of China Air Force (RoCAF) received the first mass-produced Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation's (AIDC's) T-5 Yung Yin (‘Brave...
DSA 2022: Turkish Aerospace Industries offers Malaysia joint production role
by Jon Grevatt 31 Mar 2022
Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) is offering Malaysia joint production on several front-line military aircraft, the company said at the Defence Services Asia (DSA)...
Covid-19: Indonesia's discussion with Senegal for second CN-235 halted amid travel bans
27 May 2020
Negotiations between aerospace company PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) and the Senegalese Air Force (Armée de l’Air du Senegal) for a second CN-235 aircraft have been put...
Brazil inducts first Gripen fighters and announces new jets
by Victor Barreira 26 Apr 2022
The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) formally commissioned the first two serial production Saab F-39E Gripen jets for its fighter programme on 22 April.
Singapore Airshow 2020: Singapore's A330 MRTT to receive automatic refuelling capabilities
by Ridzwan Rahmat 10 Jun 2020
Airbus is working with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) to develop, implement, and certify automatic air-to-air refuelling (A3R) capabilities on the service’s...
Israeli Air Force favouring additional F-35s
by Yaakov Lappin 10 Sep 2020
The Israeli Air Force (IAF) is leaning towards the acquisition of a third squadron of F-35 fighter jets, Jane's has learned.
Singapore Airshow 2020: Indonesia prepares CN-235 gunship for first aerial firings
by Ridzwan Rahmat 10 Jun 2020
Indonesian state-owned aircraft manufacturer PT Dirgantara (PTDI) has completed ground firing trials on a gunship variant of the CN-235 twin-engine multipurpose...
Russian Air Force commander details trials of new aircraft
by Dmitry Fediushko 10 Jun 2020
The Russian Air Force (VVS), an integral part of the Aerospace Forces (VKS), will activate several new aircraft in the coming years, VVS commander Lt Gen Sergey Dronov...

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