Terrorism and insurgency 

An unsettled world of shifting and evolving social, political, and economic environments is giving rise to new actual and potential threats that security organisations must detect, understand, and counter. Janes global, structured, consistent, and comprehensive database of more than 410,000 verified and validated open-source events related to non-state armed groups is updated daily. With multiple fields of metadata, the events database and group profiles, along with expert in-depth analysis of trends and militant groups’ use of propaganda, enables you to better visualise and identify patterns and trends in global terrorism activity. 


Deliver a more robust intelligence product

Janes combines global events related to terrorism and counter terrorism activity, analysis and insight in new trends, narratives, tactics, and group activity with in-depth analysis on non-state armed groups operating worldwide. 

Global events database

Updated daily, Janes structured, consistent, and comprehensive database contains more than 410,000 events related to terrorism and counter terrorism activities, with more than 5,000 events added every month.

Events can be viewed as a list, chart, or geospatial layer. Verified and validated metadata enables you to apply multiple filters to the events including date, type, significance, geography, non-state armed group, casualties, attack type, weapons used, target, counter terrorism operation type, force, and many more. 


Group profiles

Incorporating detailed data and analysis of more than 290 groups, Janes provides you with the insight you need to develop a deep understanding of the capabilities, doctrine, and leadership of non-state armed groups operating across the globe.

Visualisation tools enable you to quickly gain an 'at a glance' view of your selected group’s activity by events, weapons, tactics, and targets. The tempo of attacks by year and month and the location of the attack is also tracked. 


Militant propaganda analysis

Understanding militant propaganda plays a fundamental role in generating forward-looking analysis and accurate forecasting of emerging security patterns around the world. Janes analysis offers technology combined with human expertise of language, subject, culture, and region to provide the detailed ‘so what’ factor on selected topics and subjects.

Janes analyses a wide range of social media platforms, militant produced videos, photographs and other imagery, audio, written statements, and magazines to help you identify what militant groups of different persuasions around the world see as important. 


Analysis and insight

Janes experts deliver comprehensive country briefings and monthly qualitative analysis on events, non-state armed groups, and national terrorist and insurgent risk factors across the globe. Global news, analysis, and daily insight into terrorism and counter-terrorism trends deliver a global perspective. 



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