Leverage more than 120 years of expertise in the identification, tracking and assessment of naval fleets. Whether you are on the deck of a patrol vessel, ensconced in an intelligence centre, or publishing for academia, Janes naval content will help you pinpoint the specific capabilities of global naval forces. Structured data, including specifications, inventories and item-to item linkings, presented in a variety of formats and leveraging both online and offline tools, are a critical component to any operator or analyst, ashore or afloat, trying to navigate the complexity of the global maritime environment.     

Data and insight on the world’s sea platforms

Janes verified and validated data and analysis on naval and coastguard vessel equipment and technology, both surface and subsurface, in development, production and service around the world. With more than 4,700 records across 165 navies, 57 coast guards and six border guard countries, Janes delivers the world’s most comprehensive and reliable open-source naval reference available. 

Assess maritime mission system requirements

Delivering technical and programme data and information on more than 1,000 C4ISR and mission systems under development, in production, and in service on surface and subsurface naval and related maritime platforms worldwide. 

Technical specifications and capabilities of the world’s naval weapons

Janes delivers verified and validated data and insight into naval weapons in development, production and service across the globe. Technical details, specifications and capability descriptions, operational status, development and programme information along with supplier and manufacturer details support entity recognition, capability and threat assessments. 


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Discover how Janes assured interconnected open-source intelligence across naval platforms, weapons and systems supports entity recognition, capability assessment and market analysis.

Equipment Intelligence

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