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Trusted insight into your customers’ past and future requirements, forecasted budgets and market entry rules of engagement

The breadth, depth and connectivity of Janes data and insight enables us to provide you with unique insights into your customers’ missions and objectives. Gain a complete understanding of your customer's environment, priorities, budgets and ability to award opportunities. Examine past and current capability, existing risk that will drive requirement and identify opportunity ahead of announcement.

The quality and connectivity of Janes defence equipment, company, forecast and country intelligence enables you to build market assessments based on trusted data to enable better strategic positioning and investments.

Defence market, industry and country intelligence reports for more than 90 countries

Janes Market Reports deliver in-depth analysis of the business conditions, economic prospects and risks in both priority emerging countries and new developing areas within mature markets. These reports provide market intelligence that drives successful business development, strategy and product development activity.

Executive overviews provide a summary of the market, while the analysis contained in the reports provides insight into defence and security spending drivers, procurement procedures, offset policies, internal defence production capabilities, national defence companies, and existing relations with materiel producing countries. Janes also delivers country intelligence using the PMESII (political, military, economic, Socio-demographic, Infrastructure and information) framework  to enable you to gain a holistic view of the threats and capabilities of 197 countries. 

Understand the budgetary environment

Janes defence budgets deliver a macro-level analysis of national defence spending across the globe. Providing a 20-year view of defence spending, Janes delivers critical insights into the current and future size, shape and capabilities of the world’s key military powers. You can quickly gain an understanding of the budgetary environment and outlook, including addressable defence investment. Access detailed country level analysis or view data by country, region or treaty organisations using a detailed summary spreadsheet.

Insight into your customers existing capabilities

Quickly understand the existing capabilities of your customers and those of your competitors. More than 8,000 lines of land and air forces inventory covering 197 countries. Each line of inventory includes the platform variant, manufacturer, by service operator, and number of systems in service as well as order numbers and initial delivery dates when available. Janes naval inventory includes more than 22,000 vessels of 2,400 different classes broken down by country. 

Market analysis using 10-year forecasts of 19 key global markets and more than 60 countries

Janes delivers forecasting solutions that enable you to quickly generate insights into comparative military and industrial base capability. Frequently updated and verified, Janes forecasts across core defence markets, allow users to understand investment priorities, supply chains and contractor positioning across the globe from the perspective of customer budgets as well as contractor revenues. Customisation options enable you to tailor your chosen data sets and analytic interfaces to match your specific requirements. 

10 year forecasts by market segment deliver data-driven and traceable requirements forecasts and opportunity analysis, competitor market share analysis delivers robust competitive positioning analysis at various levels in the value chain, and insight into customer dynamics deliver a deep understanding of customer behaviour that captures both existing and emerging requirements. 

Insight into 20,000 defence organisations and their capabilities

Janes brings you the very latest information on aerospace and defence organisations and what shapes their environment. View company structure, equipment category overviews, revenue forecasts, equipment lists and the latest news for your chosen organisation. The interconnectivity of Janes data and insight enables you to link directly through to detailed military equipment profiles and specifications as well as news content.

Extensive insight into military equipment

Janes delivers market-leading data and insight into the technical specifications and characteristics of more than 41,000 pieces of military equipment. Janes structured, connected equipment data provides insight into your customer’s existing platforms and enables you to make technical and capability comparisons between platforms.

Programme level procurement and upgrade data  

Janes delivers defence procurement updates and up to 20-year projections across combat vehicle, military ship and military aircraft platforms and upgrades. Access detailed programme analysis and follow the progress of your chosen programme with information updates on developments and milestones.

News and analysis

Janes news content delivers up to date, insight and analysis into developments in all areas of defence. Janes global network of experts not only tell you what’s happening they provide a holistic picture that includes impact and what-if analysis by applying geopolitical, technological and economic context. 



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