Military Capabilities

Janes enables you to quickly analyse local and regional capabilities, understand national security implications, model threat scenarios, and develop security and response strategies. The connectivity of Janes inventory, equipment, and military unit data, as well as analysis of satellite imagery and military capabilities by country, means that Janes is positioned to deliver the unique insights you need to deliver a more robust intelligence product. 

Detailed connected military capability data and intelligence

Structured orders of battle data

Janes verified and validated, structured orders of battle draw on and link data sets, including more than 9,200 military installations; 18,800 military units; and 9,000 inventoried weapon and support systems. In addition to being linked to parent and subordinate units, installations, and equipment, military units are classified by service, status (active/reserve), echelon, domain, and role.


Insight into the capabilities present at more than 9,200 installations

Janes provides coverage of more than 9,200 military installations across the globe. Each installation is geocoded, classified by domain and type, and linked to operator countries, units, and equipment, enabling you to quickly understand the capabilities present at your chosen location. Janes also delivers insight into the capabilities of more than 2,100 SAM sites and 2,200 early warning sites with mapping tools, allowing you to draw range rings for detailed threat assessment. More than 1,600 nuclear facilities are also covered.


Inventories for more than 190 countries

Janes has the most comprehensive and updated unclassified military inventory database in the world, with more than 8,000 lines of land and air forces inventory covering 190 countries. Each line of inventory includes the platform, manufacturer, by service operator, and number of systems in service, as well as order numbers and initial delivery dates where available. Janes naval inventory includes more than 22,000 vessels of 2,400 different classes broken down by country.  


Connected, structured equipment data that delivers unique insights

With more than 41,000 profiles, Janes offers the only single resource for comprehensive, unclassified, and up-to-date intelligence on military equipment (air, sea, land, and space) in production and in use around the globe. By structuring and connecting this data to the inventories for more than 190 countries, orders of battle for 18,600 military units, and 9,200 bases, Janes is uniquely positioned to provide you with timely, accurate, and validated intelligence to support entity recognition, capability assessment, and market analysis


Analysis of satellite imagery that increases your situational awareness

Janes satellite imagery analysis delivers a regularly updated database of more than 2,200 finished imagery intelligence products, derived from Maxar and Airbus Defence and Space imagery, covering a wide range of global security issues including WMD proliferation, force modernisation, and global military operations.  

The example below shows Janes analysis of Airbus Defence and Space imagery of Iranian S-300PMU-2 deployments at Mashhad, Iran


Country risk reports for more than 200 countries 

Identify, analyse, and forecast risk over the next 12 months for your chosen country. Ratings are based on qualitative analysis from the previous month across five main categories – political, infrastructure, internal security, external, and economic – and 20 sub-categories. 


Defence budget analysis that delivers insight into current and future capabilities

Janes covers the defence budgets for 105 countries to deliver an 'at a glance' view by activity, force, and spend type (including procurement and RDT&E). Procurement budgets are broken down into 15 key defence market sectors to deliver critical insight into the current and future size, shape, and capabilities of the world’s key military powers. 


News and analysis that increases your understanding of the global threat environment

From tactical briefs to strategic insight, Janes news and analysis helps you see the bigger picture. Janes international security news and analysis not only tells you what’s happening, but our experts apply a geopolitical, technological, and economic context to deliver a holistic picture that includes impact and 'what-if' analysis. 



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