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Creating trusted open-source intelligence has always been our focus. Janes foundational defence intelligence, across military capabilities and order of battle, equipment, events, and defence industry, is verified and validated using our human-centric tradecraft to deliver the highest levels of assurance.

While open-source data is readily available to analysts and decision makers, it can be unmanageable in structure and volume, is not assured, and can be manipulated either intentionally or unintentionally. Janes open-source intelligence is verified and validated under strict editorial guidelines. Janes uses a multi-faceted approach to open-source intelligence, developed over 120 years, with all sources assessed for bias/objectivity, reliability, and level of certainty. 

Janes analysts use consistent definitions and a unique classification system, enabling our proprietary data to be interconnected and integrated. This allows our customers to work across traditional domains as well as datasets, regions, organisations and countries to deliver increased certainty and accelerated decision making. 

Our scope

We publish open-source information and adopt the UK’s Defence and Security Media Advisory notices (

We excel at capturing and making sense of open-source information to regularly reveal new and timely insights. We provide clients with a definitive source of the ‘what’, the context to understand the ‘why’ and, particularly within our dedicated forecasting products, a prediction of what will happen in the future. Our news provides both a factual journal of record and commentary in order to add the necessary context behind the facts.

Our teams are aware of the dangers of unwittingly revealing information that could be misused, particularly regarding terrorism and counter-terrorism issues and deployments of military forces.

Our commitment to accuracy

We strive to use primary sources wherever possible to ensure accuracy. Our teams always take into consideration who our sources are and why they are speaking to us.

We seek maximum corroboration from multiple sources. When third-party sources are used, their information is not presented as fact in editorial texts without verification. As with primary sources, the reliability of third-party sources is always considered.

Our content is run through a rigorous process of checks and balances. Prior to publication, articles, forecasts, and profile records are peer reviewed.

Our commitment to impartiality

Our validation and analysis aim to eradicate misinformation or disinformation, as well as factual errors; our objective is always to produce the most accurate and authoritative data.

We are impartial: we report on both sides of an issue and our equipment profiles and forecasting analysis are not compromised by favouring any one country or company.

We are always aware of using terms that might imply we support a specific political standpoint. We therefore avoid phrases such as "enemy forces" in copy, unless contained in direct quotes.

We do not obtain or seek to obtain information through misrepresentation or subterfuge.

Janes content does not include information solely to promote the interests of any company or its products, government, or individual.

Our commitment to currency

We understand that a key measure of content quality is its currency. We therefore publish daily event, news, insight, and data updates. For our deeper analysis and market forecasts, we strive to combine immediacy with perspective.

Our commitment to accessible insight

Our Data Analytics Modules enable customers to visualize, discover, and share our data. The modules contain a number of interactive dashboards that support faster, more effective analysis and knowledge sharing.

Our commitment to expertise

Our goal is to ensure our journalism and analysis is better, sharper, more relevant, more comprehensive, and more useful than other open-source providers. We achieve this through employing more than 150 staff experts supported by many hundreds more freelance experts to source and verify information. Our experts are supported by technologies such as natural language processing, web scraping and monitoring, data visualization, and other analytical tool sets. A key value we provide is topic selection: deciphering what is salient, standing up the facts, and setting events into context.


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