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Ukraine conflict: US sharpens focus on bolstering Taiwan asymmetric capability

The utility of “unit-level tactical fires” weapons such as Javelin anti-tank systems has been highlighted by the US as important in its efforts to support Taiwan's asymmetric capabilities. (US Army)

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has intensified US efforts to ensure it is supporting Taiwan's requirement to acquire ‘asymmetric' capabilities to respond to any similar military offensive by China.

US government officials have told Janes that military sales to Taiwan in recent years have increasingly been focused on building the island's asymmetric capability and that war in Ukraine has highlighted the value of such assistance.

Other senior US government officials underscored in a recent Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing the requirement for Washington to further strengthen its asymmetric support of Taiwan, which Beijing views as a province and not as a sovereign state.

A spokesperson for the US Department of Defense (DoD) told Janes that the US is increasingly concerned about China's “destabilising” and growing military activities near Taiwan. These include near-daily Chinese military aircraft incursions into Taiwan-claimed airspace and the Chinese navy's now constant presence close to the island.

The spokesperson said the US commitment to supporting Taiwan is “rock-solid”, in line with the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) 1979, through which Washington is committed to provide the island with defensive equipment.

“We have also been clear that, in accordance with the Taiwan Relations Act, the United States would regard any effort to determine the future of Taiwan by other than peaceful means a threat to the peace and security of the Western Pacific, and of grave concern to the United States,” said the spokesperson.

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