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Philippine corvette torpedo tubes contract awarded via tender process, says SEA

A SEA torpedo launcher system. (SEA)

The contract awarded to SEA for the supply of torpedo tubes to the Philippine Navy's future corvettes came about after a competitive tender process, the company has confirmed with Janes .

SEA has also added that the torpedo tubes it will be supplying to the Philippine Navy are fully agnostic, and it will be able to launch weapons from various suppliers including western and South Korean manufacturers, should these systems be selected by the service for its new corvettes.

SEA announced in February 2022 that it has been appointed to supply the company's torpedo launcher system (TLS) to Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), which is building two new corvettes for the Philippine Navy.

The TLS supplied is capable of deploying NATO-compatible standard lightweight torpedoes, said SEA. “Highly flexible due to its unique modular design, the system can also be configured to use other weapons on an individual basis. This will enable the Philippine Navy to retain control of its supply chain through a choice of suppliers for ammunition, delivering greater flexibility and long-term value,” the company added.

The Philippine Department of National Defense (DND) has signed a PHP28 billion (USD534 million) contract with HHI for two new corvettes in 2021. HHI is believed to have offered the DND a derivative of its HDC-3100 concept, which is capable of anti-ship, anti-submarine, and anti-air operations.

The first corvette is scheduled for delivery to the Philippine Navy in 2023, with the second ship scheduled for handover in 2025.

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