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Norway proceeds with NSM mid-life update, buys new production missiles

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is to deliver a new batch of Naval Strike Missile (NSM) rounds to the Royal Norwegian Navy (RNoN) and also undertake a life extension for the RNoN's existing NSM warstock.

Announced on 29 October, the two contracts with the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) are worth a combined NOK1,426 million (USD167 million).

Entering service with the RNoN in October 2012, and equipping both Fridtjof Nansen-class frigates and Skjold-class missile corvettes, NSM was developed by Kongsberg to meet requirements for a highly discriminative, low-observable surface-to-surface guided weapon able to penetrate shipboard defences and operate effectively in both blue water and littoral environments. Capable of ranges up to 200 km, the missile combines GPS-aided midcourse guidance with an advanced dual-band imaging infrared seeker and automatic target recognition functionality.

The Mid-Life Update, under Project 6025, covers the recertification of existing missiles, replacement of life-expired components, and measures to engineer out obsolescence. Work will start in 2022.

The new production missiles will be built to the updated NSM Block 1A standard, and common to those being acquired by Germany. Details of the nature of the modifications and improvements embodied in the Block 1A missile have not been made public.

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