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Germany procures DM22s to replace anti-tank mines sent to Ukraine

The Bundeswehr will procure 2,600 DM22s starting in 2026, with an option for 10,000 more. (TDW)

The budget committee of the Bundestag, Germany's parliament, has approved the production and delivery of an initial 2,600 Panzerabwehrrichtmine Deutsches Modell 22 (PARM DM22) anti-tank mines to replace mines sent to Ukraine, the German Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on its website on 19 October. The EUR68 million (over USD72 million) that the DM22s will cost will come from funds allocated to partner countries for equipment and training and managed by the German MoD and foreign ministry.

Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2026. The framework agreement with DM22 producer TDW, a subsidiary of MBDA, includes an option for 10,000 more of the weapon.

The tripod-mounted DM22 is the Bundeswehr's designation for the PARM 2 and is an enhancement of the PARM 1 off-route anti-tank mine adapted to mount a sensor active passive infrared (SAPIR) sensor system to expand the mine's tactical utility and increase its effective range from 2–40 m to 4–100 m, according to Janes Mines & EOD Operational Guide. It weighs 20 kg, including its 1.9 kg, 110 mm shaped charge warhead designed to penetrate up to 750 mm of armour, making it effective against both conventional and reactive armour.

Germany has supplied 14,900 anti-tank mines to Ukraine, according to the list of equipment donated to Kyiv published on the German government's website.

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