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Brazil issues request for proposals for self-propelled artillery system

The ATMOS system has already been demonstrated to Brazilian officials and is being actively marketed in Brazil. (Victor Barreira)

The Brazilian Army released its long-awaited request for proposal (RFP) and request for tender (RFT) for a 155 mm self-propelled wheeled artillery system on 2 August, a major milestone for the service's effort to replace part of its M114A1 howitzers.

The Brazilian Army Commission in Washington (CEBW) issued the document on behalf of the Logistics Command that intends to meet self-propelled, wheeled 155 mm howitzer armoured combat vehicle (VBC OAP 155 mm SR) project requirements, part of the Army Strategic Program Armoured Forces (Prg EE F Bld).

The project aims to acquire two initial vehicles for evaluation at the Army Evaluations Center, and later another 34 systems in different tranches to arm three field artillery groups. No details on the acquisition schedule were provided in the initial documents.

The latest edition of the operational, technical, logistical, and industrial requirements for the VBC OAP 155 mm SR project was published in July.

Requirements call for a 6×6 or 8×8 high-mobility truck chassis with a range exceeding 500 km that can carry up to six crew. The vehicle could be equipped with a mounted 52 calibre NATO standard cannon, roof-mounted 76 mm smoke grenades launchers, and a mount for a 12.7 mm or 7.62 mm machine gun.

The system must be capable of firing NATO conventional, long-range, and precision ammunition, and include provisions for the army's standard communications suite and the IMBEL Gênesis artillery command and co-ordination system.

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