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UMS Skeldar teams up with 360iSR for advanced training

Rotary wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer UMS Skeldar is working with 360iSR to provide specialist intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) training for its platforms, the two companies jointly announced on 21 April.

The partnership will see ISR services provider 360iSR deliver a range of specialist support, including mission specific training for ISR operators, sensor operators and intelligence analysts, according to the companies. The training will cover the major products from the joint venture between Saab and the UMS Aero Group: the V-200 and the new V-150 UAVs.

UMS Skeldar has partnered with 360iSR to offer advanced ISR training. (UMS Skeldar)

UMS Skeldar has partnered with 360iSR to offer advanced ISR training. (UMS Skeldar)

In a briefing on the new offering, David Willems, vice president for business development and strategy at UMS Skeldar, said that 360iSR is providing input on the company’s current training courses. It had already contributed to the training received by the German Navy and the Royal Canadian Navy, he said, though he declined to offer further details at this stage.

UMS Skeldar offers three types of training course, Willems added: foundation training, which covers a basic introduction to using the systems; practitioner training, where experienced UAV operators are trained on using the company’s products; and a range of more advanced training services, which include enhanced ISR and concept of operations (CONOPs) support. While Willems said that 360iSR’s contribution would be felt across the three categories, it would be clearest on the more advanced side, given the company’s focus on ISR.

Ewen Stockbridge Sime, founding director of 360iSR, said his company had worked with UMS Skeldar to develop a through-life training programme and service support that goes from pre-procurement work to post-delivery and operational readiness training. This could be adapted depending on the specific requirements of individual customers, he added.

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