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Ukraine conflict: Ukraine Island-class cutter sinks after Russian air strike

The Ukrainian Navy has confirmed that one of its patrol boats was destroyed during a recent air strike by Russian forces.

In an announcement on its Facebook social media page on 8 March, the Ukrainian Navy said that Slavyansk (P 190), an ex-US Coast Guard Island-class patrol boat, incurred significant damage and sank after being struck by Russian missiles during the air strike, which took place on 3 March.

While some of the crew were saved during a search and rescue following the attack, others are still missing, it said.

Slavyansk (ex-Drummond) was one of four ex-USCG Island-class cutters donated to Ukraine under an Excess Defence Article arrangement as part of efforts to help it rebuild its fleet following the 2014 annexation of Crimea by Russia. After completing overhauls in the US, Slavyansk and Starobilsk (ex-Cushing) were transferred to Ukraine in 2019, followed by Sumy (ex-Ocracoke) and Fastiv (ex-Washington) in late 2021. A fifth Island-class cutter was due to be delivered this year.

The vessels have a full load displacement of 171 tonnes, an overall length of 33.5 m, and carry a crew complement of 18, including two officers. They have a maximum speed of 29 kt and a cruising range of 3,900 n miles at 10 kt, and an endurance of five days.

Their armament includes an M242 Bushmaster 25×137 mm chain gun and two 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine guns.

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