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Swedish Army showcases StrisimPC training system

The Swedish Army showcased its StrisimPC simulation system at the 2019 International Training and Education Conference (ITEC), which was held in Stockholm from 14 to 16 May.

StrisimPC is a simulation tool for individual and crew skills and low-level command training. Each installation comprises several networked computers together with game controllers and hand controls. Its core software is Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3) from Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), which is supplemented by specifically developed applications to support training on particular platforms and weapon systems.

A fixed StrisimPC installation. A trainee can be seen with a steering wheel on the left. (Swedish Army)

A fixed StrisimPC installation. A trainee can be seen with a steering wheel on the left. (Swedish Army)

These include the CV9040 infantry fighting vehicle, the Archer self-propelled howitzer, the CV90 forward observation vehicle, the Kongsberg Protector remote weapon station (RWS), and the RBS-70 air-defence missile system. High-fidelity hand controls have been developed for use with these applications.

Forward observer (FO) and forward air controller training is supported by a combination of VBS FiresFST and Simcentric Fires software, customised for the Swedish army.

The system includes various terrain databases including Sweden, Iraq, and Mali, and the fictional country of Chernarus, which is modelled after eastern European terrain. It enables instructors to create scenarios and features a comprehensive library of models. This supports recognition training and includes Russian army platforms.

There are both fixed and mobile variants of StrisimPC. The fixed version comprises up to 44 networked trainee stations with individual access to simulated radio, digital maps, headsets, and control hardware. Each installation, of which there are 17 across Sweden, is supported by two instructor stations plus servers and data storage. The instructors have access to presentation facilities for after-action review (AAR).

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