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US Navy CNO cites importance of logistics, new weapons development

The USN CNO noted the need for the development of directed energy weapons, such as the laser system shown in this artist's rendition. (Lockheed Martin)

Recent US Navy (USN) operations in the Red Sea have underscored the importance of logistics, according to Admiral Lisa Franchetti, the USN chief of naval operations (CNO).

Adm Franchetti also noted the importance of developing new weapons and related capabilities to match emerging threats.

The CNO made the comments during a discussion for Defense One that was shown online on 27 March.

“I've focused a lot especially on contested logistics and the need to think creatively about how to resupply our ships that are out there on the pointy end,” Adm Franchetti said. “We've been able to do that.”

The CNO said, “We've learnt a lot about logistics. We had to bring some of our ships out of the Red Sea originally, to be able to do some of the logistics things they needed to do but now we've been able to work with allies and partners to be able to do that right on station, and really keep everybody in the fight cycling them off getting their stuff reloaded getting their fruits, vegetables, supplies, all the things that we need to do and be able to stay right there in the battle.”

While touting the success of guided-missile destroyers, crews, and other USN resources in the regional operations, Adm Franchetti also noted the need to develop technology for advanced weapons.

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