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Central Military District pulls more equipment from vehicle stores on Ukrainian border

The Russian Central Military District's (CMD's) 41st Combined Arms Army has begun withdrawing equipment from the Pogonovo training ground south of Voronezh city and loading it on to trains at Maslovka railway station.

Video and imagery sourced from social media and analysed by Janes has revealed the loading of large quantities of equipment at Maslovka railway station, including 2S19 self-propelled guns, T-72BM and T-72B1 main battle tanks, and BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles. Janes has also been able to confirm that equipment belonging to the 41st Combined Arms Army's 35th Motorised Brigade has been loaded on to trains at Maslovka.

The loading of equipment is assessed to have begun between 9 October, when satellite imagery showed Maslovka railway station to be completely empty of military equipment, and 14 October, when the first videos showing the loading were posted on social media. Subsequent videos dated as recently as 25 October indicated loading was ongoing.

The final destination of the equipment had not been determined as of 26 October. However, evidence suggests it was being shipped north and further west to the Smolensk region rather than returning to Siberia. A video posted on TikTok on 25 October showed a train carrying at least 35 BMP-1s and several transport trucks highly likely to belong to the 35th Motorised Brigade heading north through the Bryansk region, which is between the Voronezh and Smolensk regions on the Ukrainian border. This route takes the equipment even further away from its base in Siberia and does not cross any significant transport hubs that could be used to return there.

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