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Bangladesh issues tender for AK-15 assault rifles

Bangladesh's Directorate General Defence Purchase (DGDP) has issued a tender in support of the procurement of 2,000 7.62 mm AK-15 assault rifles from Russia's Kalashnikov.

The tender, which calls for industry and agent responses by mid-February, does not specify which Bangladesh military service will receive the rifles. However, the Bangladesh Army already operates 7.62 mm AK‐47 and 7.62 mm AKM assault rifles.

Janes has previously reported that the AK-15 is chambered for the M43 7.62x39 mm cartridge. It has a combat weight of 4.1 kg, a full length of 1,066 mm, a barrel length of 415 mm, a firing rate of 700 rds/min, a 715 m/s muzzle velocity, and an 800 m maximum firing range.

The AK-15 features a picatinny rail for mounting optical/red dot scopes on the upper receiver, a handguard with ventilation holes, an advanced muzzle brake, an ergonomic pistol grip, and a retractable folding stock. The assault rifle can equip a suppressor or 40mm GP-25/GP-34 single-shot underbarrel grenade launcher.

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