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First new LCT 200-70 landing craft arrives in Angola

RA 4 de Abril, the first of two LCT 200-70 landing craft being built by CMN for Angola. (CMN)

The first of two new 70 m landing craft being built by French shipbuilder Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie (CMN) in Cherbourg for the Angolan Navy has arrived in Angola, a CMN source confirmed to Janes.

RA 4 de Abril (ND 15) arrived at the Angolan port of Luanda on 19 July onboard the Dutch-registered heavy-load vessel MVYacht Express, completing a near month-long journey from Cherbourg.

The 70 m-long roll-on/off-type ships are based on CMN's new LCT 200-70 design that enables landings in very shallow water and are the largest amphibious landing craft built by the shipbuilder.

Two diesel engines driving two fixed-pitch propellers enable a speed of 16 kt with a full load and a range of around 2,200 n miles. Their military lift capacity includes either up to 200 tonnes of cargo, 260 fully equipped troops, three battle tanks, or eight heavy or 30 light vehicles.

The foredeck provides space for up to 12 20 ft TEU containers. RA 4 de Abril will now go through a work-up period with a view to reach full operational readiness in 2024. The second ship, launched in March 2023, is scheduled to be delivered in 2024.

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