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DIMDEX 2022: Patria to export NEMO Navy to Europe and Southeast Asia

Patria's NEMO Navy mounted onboard a fast patrol craft. (Patria)

Finnish manufacturer Patria is in advanced negotiations with customers in Europe and Southeast Asia for its NEMO Navy (NEw MOrtar) missile system, a company spokesperson told Janes at the DIMDEX naval exhibition in Doha, Qatar, in late March.

The NEMO Navy is a single-barrel remote-controlled 120 mm mortar system developed by Patria as an indirect support system and as a direct fire, self-defence weapon system against other vessels. It is fitted onboard the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ghannatha-class amphibious transport craft.

NEMO Navy was unveiled in 2006. Development of the weapon as a complete integrated system within a standard 20 ft maritime container was announced by Patria in 2016 and on-the-move trials were conducted in 2018.

The NEMO system consists of a loading device, weapon, turret, fire-control system, and ammunition storage. It weighs 1,900 kg and has a barrel length of 3,000 mm aligned with a 360° traverse and -3° to 85° elevation range.

The ammunition load is carrier dependent, but typically can be up to 50–60 conventional 120 mm smoothbore mortar bombs.

NEMO has a single breech‐loaded mortar with a 3 m barrel length and an electrical semi‐automatic loading system. The system has a sustained rate of fire of 6 rds/min firing the first three rounds in 15 seconds. A Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) of up to six rounds is claimed.

NEMO is designed with a light and compact turret with a fire-on-the-move capability. The system is compatible with all standard smoothbore mortar ammunition and smart-guided ammunition. It can be integrated on fast patrol crafts and coastal vessels.

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