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Pentagon budget 2022: Janes analysis

Following the release of the US Department of Defense (DoD)’s  fiscal year (FY) 2022 budget, a summary of the latest rapid reaction responses from Janes analysts follow - delving into all aspects of the first defense budget from the Biden Administration - split by domain for your convenience. 

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US Air Force requests USD212.8 billion, plans major aircraft divestments
DoD requests less aircraft and related systems spending


Army offers peek combat vehicle cuts
US Army caps future PrSM range at 650 km
Army requests USD173 billion, kills seven programmes
US Army requests USD84.5 million for Robotic Combat Vehicle development
US Army eyes tactical level C4ISR investment 
US Army cancels Multi-Function EW programme



Proposed USN plan continues carrier support
Pentagon budget 2022: US Navy submits flat topline funding request
US Navy scales up INFOWAR accounts
US Navy looks to fund additional frigate, destroyer work
US Navy weapons request invests in new weapons while maintaining legacy acquisitions
US Navy requests increased unmanned investments
US Navy maintains submarine investments

DoD-wide (incl. Missiles and Missile Defence)

Hypersonic weapons would get USD3.8 billion boost
MDA seeks USD247.9 million to counter hypersonic weapons
Aegis Ashore requests USD43.2 million, Polish construction delays continue
MDA requests USD292.8 million for better awareness in space
Missile Defense Agency budget ticks lower at USD8.9 billion
Handheld, manpack radio procurement accelerated under spending blueprint
MDA seeks USD1.733 billion for strategic missile defence programme
DoD doubles down on microelectronics
US DoD trims modernisation 

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