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Ukraine conflict: Sweden presents its largest military support package for Kyiv

Sweden and Denmark have agreed to co-finance the 50 Swedish CV90s donated to Ukraine and for the production of additional IFVs. (Hägglunds)

The Swedish government announced its largest military support package for Ukraine on its website on 20 February. The SEK7.1 billion (USD683 million) package includes a maritime package, ground equipment, and financial support for bilateral projects and funds.

The latter includes financial support for Ukraine to buy more CV90 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs).

The ground equipment Sweden is donating comprises 155 mm artillery shells, an RBS 70 air-defence system, TOW anti-tank guided weapons, recoilless rifles, hand grenades, medical equipment, medical transport vehicles, and rations.

The maritime package comprises 10 Combat Boat 90 (CB90) fast assault craft, 20 Group Boat (G-boat) landing craft, and underwater weapons worth around SEK1.1 billion.

The Danish Ministry of Defence announced on 18 December 2023 that Copenhagen and Stockholm had agreed to co-finance the 50 CV90s that Sweden has already donated to Ukraine and for the production of additional IFVs. In addition to CV90s, the donation also includes spare parts, ammunition, and a multi-year maintenance agreement. Sweden is contributing SEK1 billion and Denmark, DKK1.8 billion (USD260 million). Janes understands that this will pay for 30 additional CV90s, with the possibility of more if other countries make donations.

Sweden is also in talks with Denmark and Finland on supplying 155 mm artillery shells to Ukraine, with Stockholm providing SEK2 billion worth.

The Swedish government said the equipment in its support package is being used by the Swedish Armed Forces, but they have made the assessment that it can be donated if it is replaced soon. Stockholm has already stated that it intends to replace the 50 CV90 donated to Ukraine with a new procurement.

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