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MKE unveils hybrid vehicles

MKE unveiled a hybrid version of the H-620 Dağhan tracked armoured vehicle during Exercise ‘Efes-2024'. (Devrim Yaylali)

MKE unveiled two new hybrid armoured vehicles during Exercise ‘Efes-2024' in İzmir, held from 23 to 30 May 2024.

Forty-eight Turkish defence companies showed their products to delegations, military attachés, and soldiers participating in the exercise.

One of the two vehicles presented at the stand was the hybrid version of the Fırtına 155 mm 52-calibre self-propelled howitzer (SPH).

The hybrid version has a 1,300 hp electric engine and two 30 kW diesel generators. The battery pack capacity is 387 kWh, according to MKE.

The new version of Fırtına has a maximum torque of 10,000 Nm, compared with the diesel version's 3,000 Nm, increasing acceleration and manoeuvrability. The diesel engine and the transmission have been replaced by an electric engine and the battery pack, making the vehicle easier to maintain and less prone to failures caused by the engine and transmission.

Both versions have the same weight and maximum speed. The Fırtına weighs 47.5 tonnes, has a full combat load of ammunition, and has a top speed of 65 km/h, according to Janes Land Warfare Platforms: Artillery & Air Defence.

The other vehicle displayed at the MKE stand was the H-620 Dağhan tracked armoured vehicle. It has a 630 hp electric motor, a 258 kWh battery pack, and two 20 kW generators, giving the vehicle a range of 830 km with a full load and a maximum speed of 50 km/h.

It was fitted with an Aselsan Nefer turret armed with an M811 25 mm gun and a 7.62 mm machine gun. It can carry a commander, a gunner, a driver, and nine troops.

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