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IDEF 2023: Otokar unveils Arma II mobile repair and recovery vehicle

Otokar unveiled the Arma II mobile repair and recovery vehicle at IDEF 2023. (Janes/Nicholas Fiorenza)

Otokar unveiled the Arma II 8×8 mobile repair and recovery vehicle at the 16th International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF) held from 25 to 28 July in Istanbul. It also unveiled an Alma II infantry fighting vehicle, which is Turkey's first 8×8 vehicle with an indigenously produced powerpack, according to the Turkish version of the press announcing what it would display at IDEF 2023. However, this was not mentioned in the English version.

Powered by a 720 hp engine, the Alma II mobile repair and recovery vehicle has a dozer blade on the front for operations such as preparing positions or pit and trench breaching. Moreover, it has the same protection level as Otokar's other 8×8 vehicles to protect the crew during recovery missions with its lift and towing equipment, which can tow another 8×8 vehicle missing its first axle. An Otokar representative told Janes that the vehicle can tow an armoured vehicle weighing 70 tonnes.

The vehicle also has a foldable crane that could lift a powerpack, said the company representative. He added that the vehicle has enough room for repairs to be conducted inside it on the field.

The vehicle has cameras providing a 360° view to the crew.

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