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Janes Analysts Shortlisted in the 2020 Aerospace Media Awards

Sam Cranny-Evans, Charles Forrester, Pat Host, Gareth Jennings, and Melanie Rovery are all shortlisted finalists at the 2020 Aerospace Media Awards

LONDON - Janes analysts have been shortlisted nine times in the Aerospace Media Awards 2020, reflecting the continued strength of the trusted global agency for open-source intelligence’s news and insights. The awards celebrate excellence in aerospace journalism, and Janes analysts have received nominations across six categories.

“I’m delighted that Sam Cranny-Evans, Charles Forrester, Pat Host, Gareth Jennings and Melanie Rovery have been shortlisted in the Aerospace Media Awards. I look forward to watching the now-digital event next month,” said Sean Howe, head of research and analysis at Janes. “The Janes stamp of trust is inherent in our analysis, and throughout our continued and ongoing transformation into the leading provider of open-source intelligence, our validated and trusted news is vital to workflows across the defence industry, national security, and government activity.”

Janes analysts have been nominated in the following categories:

Best Propulsion:

  • Charles Forrester, principal analyst, for the executive overview of Janes Aero-Engines
  • Gareth Jennings, aviation editor, for “DoD begins preparing helicopter fleets for ITEP Engine”

Best Unmanned Systems Submission:

  • Sam Cranny-Evans, senior analyst, for the ‘Eyes in the Sky’ series
  • Charles Forrester for ‘Unmanned Gulf’
  • Pat Host, Americas military aviation reporter, for ‘US seeks to erase UAV export restrictions’
Best Digital Submission

  • Melanie Rovery, senior analyst, for ‘IAV 2020: US Army Next Generation Combat Vehicle’

Best Rotorcraft Submission

  • Gareth Jennings for ‘Rotary revolution: Helicopter technology advancements on the cusp’

Best In-depth Aviation Submission

  • Pat Host for ‘Replacing the F-2: Japan’s complex effort to procure a new fighter jet’

Reporter of the year: Pat Host, Americas military aviation reporter. 

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