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WDS 2022: GAMI signs agreement for localisation of THAAD

A THAAD system during a test firing in 2019. Localisation of manufacturing of components of the THAAD system are a key requirement in Saudi Arabia's procurement of the system. (US Missile Defense Agency)

Saudi Arabia's General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin at the 2022 World Defense Show (WDS) held from 6–9 March in Riyadh for the localisation of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) missile system.

Under the agreement, announced on 7 March, two transfer projects will be undertaken in the Kingdom: the first for the domestic production of missile interceptor launchers, and the second for the manufacture of missile interceptor canisters by the country's industry.

Gasem Al-Maimani, GAMI Deputy Governor, Military Industry said that β€œthese two localisation projects are in further service of this promising sector's national priorities. Along this localisation journey, and with the robust relations with our international defence partners, air domain defence readiness is expected to be greatly enhanced.”

Al-Maimani added that β€œthis project supports investment in building indigenous national capabilities via empowering new and up-and-coming manufacturing entities, as well as leveraging the integration of efforts with large national companies, to secure their position of prominence globally. Ultimately, all of this facilitation and enablement, pours into achieving the sector's strategic localization target of more than 50%, and amplifying the scope and impact of existing capabilities, by 2030.”

Further details of the localisation and industrialisation agreements were not disclosed.

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