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Ukraine conflict: US Congress clears more Ukraine aid

The US Capitol building in Washington, DC. (Janes/Marc Selinger)

The US Senate approved USD40 billion in additional funding for Ukraine-related security, humanitarian, and economic assistance on 19 May, sending the legislation to President Joe Biden for his expected signature.

The supplemental funding bill, which the US House of Representatives passed nine days earlier, “will allow us to send even more weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, replenish our own stockpile, and support US troops stationed on NATO territory”, Biden said in a statement.

The senate's 86–11 vote came the same day that the US Department of Defense announced it is tapping an earlier supplemental to send USD100 million worth of military equipment to Ukraine, including 18 155 mm howitzers, 18 tactical vehicles to tow those howitzers, and three AN/TPQ-36 counter-artillery radars. The United States has provided almost USD4 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since Russia invaded the country on 24 February.

Biden said his “administration will continue to expedite the delivery of additional weapons and equipment for which Congress has provided authority”.

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