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South Korea outlines plan to grow space-defence capability

South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has disclosed details about its plan to develop a local defence-related space capability. The plan is linked to a new drive to generate nearly 9,000 defence-industry jobs over the coming decade.

DAPA said on 8 September that the space defence plan includes strategies aimed at boosting technologies, skills, and manufacturing capabilities. The effort is geared towards achieving self-reliance in the space-defence sector over the coming 10 years and is supported by pledged funding of KRW16 trillion (USD13.6 billion).

DAPA said its space-defence plan includes seven strategies. The first of these is to implement a detailed roadmap for capability enhancement. Others include developing local skills and workforce, increasing funding for space-defence research and development (R&D), and investing in developing local industrial capability.

The strategies also include introducing reforms to enhance civilian-military efficiencies and integration, expanding investment in space-defence facilities and infrastructure, and deepening South Korean collaboration with international industry.

The space-defence capability roadmap, being developed by a taskforce announced in August, is expected to be finalised by the end of this year.

The taskforce held its first seminar for representatives from local industry and universities on 8 September. DAPA said the event was intended to enable officials to share opinions on how South Korea can develop space-defence capability.

Separately, DAPA announced a project on 9 September to boost skills and jobs across five next-generation defence technologies, including space, semiconductors, artificial intelligence (AI), unmanned vehicles, and robotics.

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