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NATO developing simulators with Iraq

NATO is helping to develop simulation capabilities for the Iraqi Armed Forces. Pictured is a soldier using the new handgun simulator at the Tactical Training and Special Combat School. (Bundeswehr/PAO NATO Mission Iraq)

NATO is developing simulation facilities alongside the Iraqi Armed Forces in a bid to improve the force's training methods and strengthen security.

NATO Mission Iraq (NMI), specifically the Training Development Division (TDD), is tasked with delivering modern training technologies, improving best practices, and supporting the development of training simulators for the Iraqi Armed Forces, the Bundeswehr said on 4 August.

This has involved developing a handgun simulator at the Iraqi Tactical Training and Special Combat School (TTSC) similar to the German armed forces' Sagittarius Evolution capability – a small-arms/handheld anti-tank weapons shooting simulator that supports basic firing and tactical training.

In addition, a new call-for-fire simulator is being procured by the Iraqi Armed Forces, which will teach trainees how to co-ordinate indirect fire and enable them to analyse and assess the effectiveness of artillery strikes.

According to the announcement, the Iraqi Armour School has US M1 Abrams as well as Russian T-72 and T-90 main battle tank trainers.

NMI was launched in July 2018 at the NATO Brussels summit to enhance Iraq's security forces and strengthen their capacity to prevent terrorism as well as stabilise the country. Initially, NMI involved several hundred trainers, advisers, and support staff from NATO and its partner countries. Since then, NATO has increased the size of the NMI from 500 troops to around 5,000 at the request of the Iraqi government.

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