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Brazil seeks to complete the development of an anti-ship missile in 2025

Brazil intends to complete MANSUP development during 2025. (Victor Barreira)

Brazil should complete the MANSUP (Míssil Antinavio Nacional de Superfície) anti-ship missile effort during 2025, according to the Navy Materiel General-Directorate (DGMM).

The MANSUP is an all-weather, sea-skimming, fire-and-forget, shipborne-launched surface-to-surface missile featuring transonic speed and mid-range capability against moving targets. It is being developed as part of the Esporão programme of the Navy Weapon Systems Directorate (DSAM), by a team formed by the Brazilian Navy and local companies Fundação Ezute, Avibras, SIATT, and Omnisys.

The third stage of the MANSUP project reached 60% of industrialisation of the guidance, navigation and control system (SGNC), and about 90% of the telemetry system, the DGMM noted during its 29 April update of the programme.

During this year, two MANSUP launches are planned for further qualification tests, in which more than 200 parameters will be monitored in each flight.

One missile prototype, fitted out with a telemetry head, was launched in November 2018 from corvette Cv Barroso (V34) and another two in March and July 2019 from the frigate F Independência (F44), as part of the second stage of the missile development.

The missile's transport container, the canister, and the fire-control system are also being developed, according to information received by Janes.

Serial production of the missile will begin during the fourth and last stage of the MANSUP project.

Brazil plans to employ the MANSUP on the four Tamandaré-class MEKO A-100MB frigates scheduled to be commissioned by Brazil between 2025 and 2028. Each ship will receive two MBDA ITL 70A B3 twin missile launchers, MBDA told Janes.

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