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Brazil commissions second Riachuelo-class SSK

The S-BR, 71.6 m long and displacing 1,870 tonnes, can carry 35 crew and has six 533 mm launch tubes firing either Naval Group F21 heavy weight torpedoes or MBDA Exocet SM39 Block 2 Mod 2 missiles. (Marinha do Brasil)

The Brazilian Navy's Submarine Development Program (Programa de Desenvolvimento de Submarinos: PROSUB) is to reach a new milestone on 12 January with the Submarines Force Command commissioning the second Riachuelo-class conventional attack submarine (SSK), S HumaitĆ” (S41), at the ItaguaĆ­ Naval Complex (CNI), the navy told Janes .

New facilities for the Submarines Force Command at the Madeira Island Submarines Base (BSIM) will also be inaugurated on 12 January, the navy told Janes .

S HumaitĆ” was launched on 11 December 2020 at CNI in the State of Rio de Janeiro and joins first-of-class S Riachuelo (S40), which was commissioned in September 2022.

Another two submarines, S Tonelero (S42) and S Angostura (S43) are under construction at CNI by Itaguaƭ ConstruƧƵes Navais (ICN) for delivery in 2025 and 2026, respectively, the navy told Janes .

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